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Simplifying Property Brochure Creation with AI.

Gone are the days of laboriously piecing together property brochures. In partnership with Aengevelt Immobilien, we've developed Sofort Exposé, a practical, AI-assisted solution for crafting professional property listings. Utilizing the power of GPT-4, our straightforward wizard guides you through creating a complete brochure in just three steps—and in under 5 minutes. Plus, the output is an open document, allowing for any fine-tuning you may want to do later. Simply insert your data, floor plans, and images, and let the AI assemble the brochure, complete with your company logo.

Boost Efficiency with Sofort Exposé

Automate routine tasks that used to take up hours of your day. Sofort Exposé is a reliable tool designed to enhance your productivity in the competitive real estate market.

How Aengevelt Immobilien Gained a Competitive Edge

For Aengevelt Immobilien, adopting Sofort Exposé has been a win on several fronts. It has not only streamlined their brochure creation process, but also unfolded a lucrative new revenue stream. This dual benefit elevates Sofort Exposé from a mere tool to a strategic asset, demonstrating how real value can be derived from intelligently designed AI products.

Chiara Aengevelt - Aengevelt Immobilien

"DCBerlin hat unsere Vision einer schnellen und effizienten Exposé Erstellung mit KI perfekt umgesetzt. Die Zusammenarbeit war unkompliziert und das Ergebnis hat unsere Prozesse nachhaltig verbessert. Unsere Makler sparen so viele Stunden Arbeit und können sich voll auf unsere Kunden und den Abschluss konzentrieren."

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